8 vegetarian enchilada recipes that you won't be able to resist

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Enchiladas are one of the best vegetarian dishes out there... they're usually packed with veggies and protein, so they're a complete meal in and of themselves!
They're also a great make-ahead meal — it's easy to pop them in the freezer and bring them out to bake on busy weeknights. The whole family will love these tasty enchilada recipes!
1. Black bean and butternut squash enchilada casserole (h/t Julia's Album)
If you love traditional Mexican flavors, you'll definitely find yourself making these black bean and butternut squash enchiladas over and over again! The veggies are roasted ahead of time, so they're incredibly flavorful.
2. Stacked roasted vegetable enchiladas (h/t Perry's Plate)
This recipe is heavy on the veggies and lower on the tortillas, so it's a great option for anyone watching their carbs! It also skips the step of rolling the enchiladas individually — the layers are stacked sort of like a lasagna.
3. Zucchini enchiladas (h/t Taste of Home)
Zucchini is the star of the show in these enchiladas, but they contain a ton of other veggies as well, including bell peppers and olives. This is the perfect way to use up extra zucchini in the summer!
4. Best veggie enchiladas (h/t The Novice Chef)
If you love cheese and enchiladas, prepare to be amazed! This recipe includes a tasty five minute homemade enchilada sauce.
5. Swiss chard enchiladas in tomatillo sauce (h/t Herbivoracious)
Eating enough greens is easy when they're this tasty! Even people who don't like Swiss chard will like this recipe, but you could easily swap the Swiss chard out for spinach or any other dark leafy green.
6. Avocado enchiladas (h/t Hilah Cooking)
If you're looking for a light summer meal, these avocado enchiladas are perfect! You don't even have to bake them, and you can use storebought salsa instead of homemade if you're in a hurry.
7. Vegan poblano "crema" enchiladas (h/t Love and Lemons)
Vegans can totally enjoy enchiladas too! The cashew poblano crema in the recipe is amazing — you're going to want to put it on everything!
8. Veggie black bean enchiladas (h/t Cookie and Kate)
These classic veggie black bean enchiladas are to die for, especially if you make the homemade enchilada sauce! The recipe calls for spinach, broccoli, and bell peppers, but you could swap them out for your favorite veggies if you're feeling creative.
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