Cooktop Cove: Add a spicy kick to your meals with these 6 yummy vegetarian dishes
By Sheree Mcdonald
It's the perfect time of year to crank up the heat in the kitchen. Transforming ordinary dishes into deliciously spicy meals is easier than you think! It's time to surprise your family with a new, zesty side that will have them begging for seconds.
If you're tired of bland and mild and want to really kickstart your taste buds, you are definitely going to want to pay attention to these 6 recipes. Don't settle for basic anymore--grab your favorite spices and let's get to work.
1. Spicy crock pot cauliflower (h/t Apples for CJ)
Crockpot+cheese, need I say more? Creamy and delicious, you'll definitely want to bookmark this one. Not only is this dish a time saver, but kids absolutely love it! You can opt to turn down the heat by using fewer jalapenos to make it even more kid-friendly.
2. Spicy garlic roasted eggplant (h/t Melanie Cooks)
This is not your grandma's eggplant. It's savory, it's filling and has just the right amount of kick to it. You won't be able to stop yourself from reaching for another and another. It's a good thing it's low in calories!
3. Spicy southern hot corn (h/t Peas & Crayons)
Looking for the perfect dip? Southern hot corn is it! An easy dish, but if you want to simplify it even more--make it with a can of Mexi corn.
4. Bang bang Brussel sprouts (h/t Delish)
Take Brussel sprouts to the next level with this super easy recipe. It's ready in only 30 minutes and exploding with flavor.
5. Spicy roasted sweet potato kale salad (h/t A Saucy Kitchen)
Sweet potato and kale never tasted so good! This dish is both yummy and healthy which people on all levels of the food spectrum can appreciate. Use it as a side or a main course--either way you are going to love it!
6. Cheese broccoli rice stuffed peppers (h/t A Spicy Perspective)
All of your favorite comfort foods packed into a single hearty dish. This is the perfect blend of savory and spicy that can even be made in a crockpot!
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